Day 1: arrival and settling in and exploring.
Days 2, 3, 4 & 5: breakfast in studio. Pick up outside complex 9am and transported to olive grove. Work commences. Snack at 10am comprising of local olive oil rusks, homemade cheese, jams, coffee and wild herbal teas. Continue work till lunch time where picnic rug will be laid out and filled with simple pleasures,tasty and wholesome. Continue work till 5pm with a break for coffee, herbal tea, tsipouro,(local spirit) or fatouratha, (local liqueur).
Day 6: a visit to the local olive press where the olives will be cold pressed. You will have the opportunity there to taste fresh aromatic oil and take with you your own bottle of freshly pressed oil. The rest of the day you are free to explore the island.
Day 7: free day for exploring and departure.

Suitable clothing would consist of long sleeved shirts, jeans or working trouses, sturdy shoes. Be aware that the weather may be warm but also cool, especially if the wind picks up so be prepared with a lightweight jacket and beanie. Also keep in mind that the olive harvest is “oily” work! Your clothes will get dirty and stained depending on how strenuous you are with your efforts.
An olive comb and gloves will be provided.

At no time will you be forced to work! All work is voluntary and everyone works at their own pace.
Breakfast will be provided daily in your studio. Snacks and lunch will be provided on olive harvest days.
If we have wet weather for any of the days, alternative activies will be conducted, (may include cooking lessons, soap making, olive pickling, cheese making), and also extra free time.
PS. No ammenities at the olive grove.

The olive harvest week will be conducted during October, November and begining of December. For more information contact Elizabeth Stais at