Breakfast Recipes

The philosophy that we follow is that recipes are not owned but shared. Many Recipes that are used at Vilana Studios have been found in various cookbooks, magazines, cooking programs and blogs and many more recipes are family hand-me-downs. I hope you enjoy. Please note that half the success of a good meal is in... Read More

Yoga Retreat Week, July 2020

RECIPES FROM ELIZABETH       Kythera island, Greece. Kythera is also famous for its local products, thyme honey, olive oil, and kytherian salt to mention a few.  Elizabeth Stais, a renown local cook and producer , knows the local cuisine and creates mouthwatering authentic recipes, using fresh fruits and vegetables from her own garden... Read More


If it appears that the property is booked out on your favoured dates check directly with Elisavet Stai at +30 6944209409 or . The site’s booking machine has a limited number of studios available, more studios are available.

Car Rentals

If you are planning on hiring a car while traveling, make sure you have an INTERNATIONAL DRIVERS PERMIT together with your driver’s license. Don’t leave home without it!